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Image by Shirish Suwal
Electrical Circuit
Image by Markus Spiske


Electrical Safety Service and Compliance Check (To be carried out every 24 Months in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3019)

Included in this Service is

  • Inspection of main switchboard and carry out thermal scan of main switchboard to identify any possible hot

  • Insulation resistance testing

  • Testing of circuit breakers and safety switches (RCD’S)

  • Earth loop and polarity testing of all accessible power points

  • Inspection of all accessible lights, switches and power points in the property for damage, wear and tear

  • Inspection of all electrical appliances and equipment belonging to the landlord for safe operation including
    plugs, leads and outer casings for damage, wear and tear

  • Photograph and note model and serial numbers of landlord owned appliances and equipment (where

  • Supply a report of the overall condition of the landlords appliances and equipment and keep notes on record
    for future reference

  • Check free standing heaters and free standing cookers for anti-tilt prevention and general safety

  • Testing of all exhaust fans and ceiling fans for correct operation

  • Clean smoke alarm from dust and cob webs and replace the 9 Volt back up battery

  • Test mains 240 Volt power supply

  • Manually test smoke alarm for operation

  • Complete smoke test on smoke alarm for operation

  • Ensure the smoke alarm(s) are within their 10 year prescribed service life

  • When required if smoke alarm is faulty or outside the 10-year service life, replacement of smoke alarm in
    question at no extra cost. (Limit ONE smoke alarm per property per inspection)

  • Supply report and certificate of electrical safety

  • Should any inspection and or safety checks uncover an unsafe, dangerous or a hazardous installation we will
    immediately isolate the installation and make safe

  • We will photograph and note any issues found and inform the landlord or agent of the property of the danger
    found and what works have been carried out to make safe

Please Note: This Service does not include the replacement of any parts or supply of any materials. In the event
that a replacement or upgraded parts and materials are required, we will notify the landlord or agent of the
property and a quote will be provided to you prior to commencing any repair works.

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