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Smoke Alarm Safety Service and Compliance Check (To be carried out every 12 Months)

Included in this Service is

  • Ensure the smoke alarm(s) are installed in the correct positions as per the relevant building codes

  • Ensure that there is the correct amount of smoke alarms in the property as per the relevant building codes

  • Clean smoke alarm from dust and cob webs and replace the 9 Volt back up battery

  • Test mains 240 Volt power supply

  • Manually test smoke alarm for operation

  • Complete smoke test on smoke alarm for operation

  • Ensure the smoke alarm(s) are within their 10 year prescribed service life

  • When required if smoke alarm is faulty or outside the 10-year service life, replacement of smoke alarm in
    question at no extra cost. (Limit ONE smoke alarm per property per inspection)

  • Supply service record

Please Note: Should more than ONE smoke alarm need to be replaced in the property, the cost of additional smoke
alarms is not covered in price.

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