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Gas Safety Service and Compliance Check (To be carried out every 24 Months in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZS 5601 and AS 4575 ).

Included in this Service is

  • Disconnect gas line from natural gas meter or gas regulator (if LPG)

  • Pressure test gas lines for leaks

  • If no leaks are detected reconnect the gas line

  • Check and service all landlord owned gas appliances and equipment in the property

  • Check and test the operation of each gas appliance and check gas pressure of each gas appliance. (adjust if necessary)

  • Check the appliance safety and installation of all free standing gas stoves and gas heaters

  • Making sure they are installed in accordance with the manufactures instructions

  • Check that anti tilt brackets have been fitted to gas stoves and check appliance connections

  • Check that heaters are secured to walls or floor as required in the Australian Gas Standards. (AS/NZS 5601) and (AS 4575)

  • If anti tilt brackets have not been fitted to stoves or heaters have not been secured, we will do this at no extra cost as its part of the safety check

  • For all gas appliances with natural draft flues we will check the flue cowl, carry out smoke test of the flue and negative pressure test the gas flues and chimneys if used as gas flue

  • Measure room size where appliance is installed to ensure there is adequate fresh air ventilation for the gas appliance

  • All gas space heaters, gas log fires, ducted gas central heating units and any internal gas hot water units will be tested for carbon monoxide leaks

  • Supply printed record of carbon monoxide reading and will be kept on file for future reference

  • All appliances will be photographed model and serial numbers recorded. (where able)

  • Also an overall appliance condition report will be noted for the landlord and agent’s convenience

  • Should a gas leak be found on the initial pressure test or if the installation or an appliance be found to be unsafe or fail a carbon monoxide test. If its easily repaired or rectified, we will carry out the repairs at no further cost

  • However, if the installation or appliance cannot be rectified and made safe to pass compliance simply we will

  • We will notify the agent or landlord of the problem and recommend the best and most cost effective way for the  landlord to get the problem resolved, with the least amount of disruption to the tenant as possible disconnect and make safe the installation or appliance in question

  • For properties that have a single gas appliance the fee is $200 +GST, for properties with more than one gas appliance the fee is $300 +GST.

Please Note: This Service does not include the replacement of any parts or supply of any materials. In the event that a replacement or upgraded parts and materials are required, we will notify the landlord or agent of the property and a quote will be provided to you prior to commencing any repair works.

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